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Datum: 12.07.2019 RefNr: WLS-1846455
Bezeichnung: system architect St. Gallen
Beschreibung: We are a company producing consumer-facing hardware which runs a custom Kiosk application on Linux.
I`m looking for a person who will manage our core systems. This person will work in a small team of 3 to 5 people and will be responsible for:
* Composing the different services in use in our consumer-facing hardware
* Creating and maintaining an update system
* Triggering and controlling updates
* Managing data collection and storage (statistics)

We don`t do crunch, we pay people salaries that are standard/mid-range

You will be given agency and freedom to choose tools you are comfortable with (as long as they fulfill the project`s requirements).

Skills we`re looking for:
* Fluent English
* Advanced knowledge of Linux
* Knowledge of automation software (eg Puppet, Saltstack)
* Experience with automation scripting languages (eg python, bash)
* Experience with systems programming languages (eg C, C++, Rust)
* Experience with CI/CD systems
* Experience with version control

This is a critical part of our system and so, we won`t consider people without experience in this specific domain.

Fill the form at or contact me on with a subject that matches /.*?System Architect.*$/.
Grad: 100%
Arbeitsort: SG
Gültig bis: 01.08.2019
Kontakt Adresse: simedis AG
Bürglistrasse 8
9000 St. Gallen