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Datum: 12.07.2019 RefNr: WLS-1846457
Bezeichnung: Web Development Lead St. Gallen
Beschreibung: Anyone interested in either remote employment, or on-location (Switzerland) employment, leading a team of 2 remote mid-tier front-end and back-end devs to build & maintain a website & api?

Crunch is strictly forbidden, overtime accounted for, pay is standard/mid-range.

I`m not just looking for someone who can write code, I want people who have experience:
* building web and/or mobile products
* writing documentation, communicating with people
* leading teams
* Knowledge in React and/or Angular and/or View
* Knowledge in Node and/or Elixir

The website is an e-learning platform with quizzes and lessons, but it also ties in through a REST interface with machines on which you can pass additional tests (not available in the web interface because they require specific input devices).
A mobile app should be coming some time in the future. No specific technologies used (we currently use Moodle/PHP/MySQL, but we might want to drop it). I have a preference towards Node/React because I can pitch in more, but this is very much Bring Your Own Language (Rust/Elixir appreciated).

You begin with two people under you, but the team will grow depending on necessities. We`re currently trying to hire a designer.
You will be embedded within a larger team (20 devs), so you will have access to more help, advice, review, ass well as to more resources in short bouts if needed.

If interested, PM me with credentials/portfolio/whatever you think is relevant. No need for pages of text, keep it short and sweet. If you lack credentials but have guts, PM me too, I take chances on people.

Fill the form at or contact me on with a subject that matches /.*?Web Dev Lead.*$/
Grad: 100%
Arbeitsort: SG
Gültig bis: 01.08.2019
Kontakt Adresse: simedis AG
Bürglistrasse 8
9000 St. Gallen